Signing an unsignable PDF

Normally for us, signing PDFs should be easy. But thats why you come here.

The trick for the article is to help you get an unsignable PDF signed electronically and relatively unpainful. Follow the steps below you will get your pdf signed, and sent back. Assuming you have ghostscript, gimp installed, and assuming you are using mac. (both are free btw)

if you dont know how to install ghostscript and gimp, refer to my other post
install ghostscript and gimp

  1. You should do as much possible to fill in the information, up till you cannot fill any more. Assuming you have ghostscript, gimp installed. (both are free btw)
  2. At this point, save your pdf and then use the command (assuming your pdf file is called convert.pdf)

    gs -q -dSafer -dBatch -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=tiff32nc -r300 -sOutputFile=convert.tif convert.pdf -c quit

    Your converted picture file will be called convert.tif and it is in 300 dpi.
  3. Now open the convert.tif in gimp, sign using the draw tool. When you are finished, go to file->export and export as result.pdf (type it is easy).
  4. Now that you finished, close all windows, send the file to the email address requesting the signed pdf. Done. You have saved a tree branch for the earth. LOL

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